BearShare MP3 Downloader

Bearshare Mp3 Downloader is an application that allows you to download all types of files over the internet at high speeds via a very intuitive interface and using a powerful engine.The program enables fast searching and downloading from multiple users simultaneously of films, music, software, games, documents, etc.

Using this program you can easily discover and experience the benefits of the Bearshare network which gives you instant access to millions of songs and a great music community through a very powerful search engine.

Due to optimization with respect to sharing mp3s and video files, the app is much faster at delivering results than other generic filesharing programs, and it includes an option that will let you preview the files that you are downloading.

Bearshare Mp3 Downloader offers support for the Gnutella and Gnutella 2 networks and comes with the ability to refine search and filter results.

Highlight Features

  • Instant connection to the entire BearShare network.
  • Intuitive interface.
  • Faster multisource downloads.
  • Ingenious library organizer.
  • New algorithm for increasing download speeds.
  • Integrated media player.
  • Multiple simultaneous downloads.
  • Advanced search for all types of media files.
  • Bandwidth controls.
  • Built-in chat.
  • Automatically resumes downloads.